Engine Hourmeters

Ultra-compact, high-reliability digital engine hourmeter 

This hourmeter has detect pulses of great precision, and is installed a built-in micro-computer. Though it is ultra-compact, its function is much fulfilled.
This hourmeter measures the cumulative operating time of gasoline engines. This is very useful to keep the operation record or decide the service timing of the engines.


Engine Hourmeter

This model is an hourmeter that displays cumulative time when it is activated by the electric pulses produced at the time of the ignition of gasoline engines. It can be uses to scheduling regular inspection and regular maintenance of engine.
● Antenna lead wire included. Fixed Type

Price per piece, excl. VAT89
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Engine Hourmeter

This is a mountable extra small hour meter that can measure the cumulative total operating time of the petrol engine. This can be used to for the management of the maintenance or replacement time of motor oil or parts.
● Power cord Antenna (1 m) supplied Extra small/light model that needs little space for confirmation place.

Price per piece, excl. VAT49
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Engine Hourmeter

It measures the cumulative accumulated time of engine operation. Please utilize it for the management of maintenance / inspection period and rental time etc.
*Antenna lead wire (1.2m) included.

Price per piece, excl. VAT86,50
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